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Privacy preserving. Extensive talk evaluation. It's free.

Respects Your Privacy

Quantle neither stores your talk nor communicates any of its parts. Microphone data is processed in chunks and destroyed immediately afterwards.

Words, Pauses, Pitch & Volume Analysis

Quantle estimates the number of syllables, words and pauses in your speech. It also computes your pitch and how loud you talk. See why this is important.

Complexity Scores

Quantle estimates complexity of your speech using dedicated complexity metrics. See why this is important.

Fairness & Repeatability

Good presentation style is a matter of personal taste. Quantle is the first app to evaluate your speech in a fair and repeatitive way with no human bias.

Progress Tracking

Quantle maintains a history of your talks. Track your progress as you practice your talk before the presentation. Click here for more.

Free App

Quantle is a free app. We wish to make it useful for everyone and work on improving the features. If you find the app useful, please let us know by following us on Twitter.

The story behind Quantle

Great public speakers are made, not born. Quantle app development is inspired by the need to estimate own talk effectiveness by a digital coach in a fair, repeatable, and unbiased way. The author of Quantle is involved in a research community and has to deliver numerous talks to a broad range of audiences. Despite having attended the Toastmasters club and having read tones of books and articles on public speaking in the past, estimating own delivery quality and identifying improvement directions is hard. Quantle app aims to close this gap by providing you a tool for a details talk evaluation.

Quantle estimates the number of syllables and words you say, computes the length of pauses you make, estimates your pitch and volume. Quantle works for languages in which the number of syllables in a word is determined by the number of vowels (e.g., English, German, Russian), although we tuned Quantle mainly for English.

If we notice growing interest in Quantle, we will enhance the app with new features, e.g., filler word counting, etc.

How to use Quantle?

The smartphone running Quantle should be placed within a few meters from the speaker. Note that Quantle runs on top of automatic gain control, active noise cancellation, and other mic signal processing features.

How does Quantle work?

Quantle uses online adaptive algorithms to compute talk estimates. It does not work with background music and other disturbing sounds. By default, it neither stores a talk nor communicates any of its parts.

How accurate is Quantle?

We use a collection of 1k+ TED talks to tune algorithm performance. Quantle achieves 90% accurate syllable and word counting on this data set. Pitch estimation is based on Fast Lifting Wavelet Transform (FLWT).